Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 24. Oct, 2012

Tweet   Have you ever found information online and been so impressed by such that you used it for your content marketing campaign by posting it into your own blog or social networking account? Well, if you did, you have just done Content Curation.   Image by raphaelle_ridarch via Flickr   Imagine that you’re a [...]

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 30. Jun, 2012

Social Annotations Taking Over Search – Is SEO Doomed?

With Google shifting search results to include biased shares and obscure content, how will that affect the SEO industry?

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 30. Jun, 2011

Amazon Affiliates Got Crushed Today – Is It The Beginning Of The End ?

As a result of a new tax created by Governor Jerry Brown Amazon has suspended its Associates program in the state of California. The result has been a disaster for Amazon affiliates and internet marketers as well as retailers who use Amazon’s infrastructure as a sales platform. Are Amazon over-reacting? Or does the new Governor risk alienating Silicon Valley?

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 17. May, 2011

On-Page SEO is About Relevance – Not Search Rank

Tweet People love to talk about SEO, especially business owners.  It’s become a buzz topic and many of the folks (especially small business owners) that catch wind of it will do the minimum that they’re aware of – which often consists of stuffing their website full of keywords. I’ve had many conversations with business owners [...]

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 05. May, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Dead – Still Terrorizing Search Results with SEO Poisoning

Tweet One would think that the days of spamming the search engines were nearing a close, and the type of search engine spam seen in the 90′s and at the turn of the millennium was long gone. But it seems with every new update and promise of a cleaner search environment from companies like Google, [...]

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 16. Feb, 2011

J.C. Penney Black Hat Link Farming Reveals NYTimes SEO Fail

The NYTimes may want to look in their own backyard before barking about the SEO of J.C. Penney

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 12. Feb, 2011

The Perfect Link

Tweet There is certainly no dearth of SEO companies and link farms crying themselves hoarse trying to elucidate the importance of the backlinks to the novice website owners. Although most experts suggest that link building should form an integral part of page rank improvement efforts, the million dollar question remains do backlinks still hold the [...]

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 31. Dec, 2010

Guest Posting Vs. Article Marketing

Tweet When it comes to supporting your on-page and link-building efforts, there’s nothing more appropriate or better than a soundly developed content marketing strategy.  Some may argue that content marketing is link building since you’re going for links but in my opinion content marketing is about more than just getting some links. It’s about thought [...]

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 29. Dec, 2010

Top Misconceptions about SEO and Google Places

Tweet Numerous articles have been written recently about the recent overhaul by Google in how it’s displaying local search results.  With all the opinions flying around you’re bound to have misconceptions and after reading a lot of the content it’s clear that there are many.  The primary misconceptions are in how the changes made by [...]

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Posted by Joerg Weishaupt on 27. Dec, 2010

The Death of the Absolute in Blog Marketing

Tweet We’ve all heard it before: SEO is dead.  X social media is going to be the end of Y media site and Z is the next best thing since sliced bread.  Here we are however, several years into the social media and SEO race and…oh look all of those sites are still here and [...]

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